Human Statue

I do a handful of different human statues.

My most well known one is my Bronze Amelia Earheart.  She was born at Summer fest just a few years ago. Created to help to bring to life one of the many female role models from our history. I also have a female Pirate who tells the stories of the “fine ladies who did sale those mighty seas”.

In a time when people are over stimulated by screens, human statues offer an art that impacts people.  Catching people by surprise leaves them with a strong reaction.  When you first see a human statue you often take a moment to try and figure out, is that a person or statue?  Then the game begins.  The statue simply tracks you with their eyes and you will find yourself commenting, “Oh look at her eyes.”  then you make eye contact the statue and wink, and you smile.  People often stop, take a photo, or have a conversation, or just watch others interact. Adapting interactions to the audience is the key.  Some situations call for a character to move and come to life. Others to hold still, not moving at all.  Once I sneezed in a large group of people and 20 of them jumped and laughed. No one noticed me until that moment, I only existing in their peripheral vision. Once their attention has been grasped they are enthralled.  There is a craft to reading what people want and handling a crowd.   No matter what, people are talking, smiling and sharing stories.


Human statues make excellent greeters to any event. A statue standing at the entrance is still, then it comes alive to say welcome. It always leaves people smiling. You see them in high traffic areas during festivals, air shows, and concerts.  you can offer another type of entertainment to the patrons as they wander through the grounds of the event.

88Milwakee did an article on Bronze Amelia Earhart

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