BubbleGram Window Entertainment


What is a Bubblegram? A bubble artist will come to your locations and create beautiful bubbles of all shapes and sizes.

We ask you either to stay inside and watch from a window inside your home or stay more than 6 feet away on a porch or in a lawn chair.

How to send a Bubblegram?

Make a Donation at paypal.me/42ndartist

Include the name and contact information of the person you would like to send the bubblegram to: Name, Cell phone, email. I contact them and set up a time for their bubblegram telling them who sent it.

The requested donation is $100.

I will go with in a 30 min drive of each city.

For larger than average donations we will drive further.

2 thoughts on “BubbleGram Window Entertainment

  1. How long is the performance? I am considering doing this for the neighborhood children when we have a socially distanced BBQ in our front yards Sunday. We are neighbors of Betsy Holmes.

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